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Contactless proximity cards built for access control

UltraSecure proximity cards are next generation smart cards built for reliable operation and easy integration. To create the perfect contactless smart card, Ultra distilled 20 years of experience in designing ID card printing equipment into the ideal access control smart card. UltraSecure proximity cards are the most convenient and cost-effective solution to upgrade or replace standard clamshell or ISO format cards that are used in most proximity access systems, including some of those branded HID®, Bosch®, GE®, and Honeywell®.

Secure HoloKote

The top layer of ultrasure proximity cards can have a custom made holokote layer for added security
A custom HoloKote watermark makes cards visually secure and protects from counterfeiting


All ultrasecure cards come with a durable surface that is ideal for printing on
A super-smooth PVC surface layer makes it easy to print full-color images


inside layer fo ultrasecure showing the contacless chip and arial
An advanced data chip allows integration with 26-40 bit proximity systems

Magnetic stripe

ultrasecure card can come with contact technologies such and chip and pin and magnetic strip
Optional contact technology layer for a flexible solution

What sets UltraSecure apart

Contactless smart card layer showing rfid chip and antenna Contactless smart card layer showing high quality PVC, PET printing surface

Designed for security

UltraSecure proximity cards are built to last

Cards are the key to security. UltraSecure cards are engineered to withstand years of everyday use.

UltraSecure cards are built for personalization. They were developed with a smooth PVC surface with minimal chip deflection so every card looks great, no matter how it’s printed.

Manufactured at facilities certified by ISO 9001, Visa™, and Mastercard™, UltraSecure credentials have lower failure rates and higher system integrity than other proximity card alternatives.

Smart card contactless door access reader Ultrasecure smart card working with door access reader

Works with existing systems

UltraSecure proximity cards enhance your access control

Every UltraSecure card contains an advanced data chip for seamless integration with most existing proximity access systems from standard 26-bit up to custom 40 bit, including some systems branded HID®, Indala®, Bosch®, GE®, Honeywell® and Schlage®. (HID® and Indala® are trademarks of HID Global Corporation)

The high-tech chipset in UltraSecure allows for over 137 billion unique codes, ensuring your system remains unique, scalable and secure.

Delivery and service

UltraSecure proximity cards cut waiting times and cost less

Global manufacture and personalization hubs get UltraSecure cards to your door quickly, with no backlog or minimum order requirements.

UltraSecure is backed by a commitment to service with free training, an experienced staff of ID security experts and a dedicated network of resellers.

Every UltraSecure product is guaranteed for life. This means free phone and email support for all customers, including complimentary replacement of production damaged or defective cards for as long as the card is in use.

Ultrasecure warehouse fully stocked with smart cards  with staff member checking shipments


UltraSecure proximity cards are made to the highest standards

High grade construction

Card materials include PVC and PET composite. The stronger
PET resists warping and yellowing, plus it's easily recyclable.

Any systems, all conditions

The advanced electronics of UltraSecure are compatible with most
26-40 bit 125khz proximity systems and can operate at temperatures from -50° to 160° F (-45° to 70° C).

Swipe at a distance

Read ranges of up to 8in (20cm) depending on reader and operating environment.

Optional upgrades

Every credential is available with magnetic stripe encoding, external numbering, and custom pre-printing including logos, backgrounds and custom secure designs.

Download full technical datasheet
Ultrasecure proximity card specifications

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Additional card technologies

Extend existing access control systems with RFID and contact chip smart cards

The UltraSecure range includes a wide variety of physical and logical access control cards including MIFARE®, DESFire EV-1, CIV and contact chip credentials.

Every technology card application is unique. Ultra has a dedicated team trained to help implement technology card solutions and system upgrades.

Contact Ultra for a free consultation on how to increase the security and operational efficiency of your organization with UltraSecure technology cards.

Ultrasecure proximity cards can include chip and pin, magnetic strip technology

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